Wenger Challenge Ospina to Compete Cech

Wenger Challenge Ospina to Compete Cech

Arsenal coach, Arsene Wenger said David Ospina and Petr Cech both have a chance to become the main goalkeeper in the summer.

Previously, David is more often on the bench and only do play in Champions League competition. While Petr more often appear in the Premier League since the arrival of Chelsea.

But the French tactician is now wanted in the crossbar position of a healthy competition. Where Cech in the 2017-2018 competition will not get the guarantee of appearing regular again.

“It’s not easy, because of course all emain want to play,” said Arsene Wenger told the media.

“They are top players, they want to play in the World Cup but he will get some games here and he will fight with Petr Cech.

“The competition is quite open, right now I often play Petr Cech but it will not be for Cech again because I judged Opsina well and besides we played in other competitions as well and he will play.

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