Milla Want Indonesia National Team U-22 Dominant Since the Beginning of the Game

Milla Want Indonesia National Team U-22 Dominant Since the Beginning of the Game

U-22 national team coach Luis Milla revealed his tactics in the match against Thailand U-22 national team in the SEA Games 2017 Agen Sbobet Terpercaya. The Spaniard wants Evan Dimas and his friends to dominate from the beginning of the game.

Hansamu Yama Pranata and friends. Held a final training session ahead of Thailand counter game at the Stadium Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Monday (14/08/2017). In the practice session, monitor the 21 players in good shape.

After warming up, Luis Milla provides a transitional exercise with the ultimate goal of building counter-attacks. The Milky Way also said with the training the coach hopes the players can try to control the game when facing Thailand.

“The focus of this exercise is to try to maximize the counter-attack, the players are required to think fast to act before getting the ball or to win the ball from the opposing players and can drain the ball forward.Coach Luis hopes the children’s game transition can be done quickly,” Said the Milky Way after the training session.

“Coach Milla also confirms to the players that the Thai counter game is a big and very important game and we can not control the outcome of this fight but we are trying to control the game, all players have to fight hard and give the best in this fight. Bima.

In order to achieve maximum results in the inaugural Group B match, the coach team has also equip players about the game Thailand. A class session analyzing the game of the White Elephant country team was made by Luis Milla.

“We are already anticipating the game of Thailand, we have made a playback session of video games, we give information to players, especially about the advantages of opposing players, we analyze together so that children are ready to face Thailand,” he said.

Indonesia U-22 national team has recently gained experience facing Thailand. The moment occurred in the final game of the 2018 U-23 Asian Cup Qualifying group, where both teams played a goalless draw in a rain-soaked match.

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