GOL Malaysia 1-0 Indonesia: Thanabalan Third Goals Defeat Garuda’s Ambition To The Finals

GOL Malaysia 1-0 Indonesia: Thanabalan Third Goals Defeat Garuda’s Ambition To The Finals Judi Bola.

Indonesia failed to advance to the final of the 2017 Sea Games soccer branch after losing narrowly 0-1 over host Malaysia at Shah Alam Stadium, Selangor, Saturday (26/8) in the semi-final match.

Indonesia immediately took the initiative attack early in the first half The first gold opportunity for Indonesia present in the 13th minute. Starting from the mistake of the Malaysian goalkeeper, Muhammad Haziq who came out of the nest. Jabes is trying to kick speculation but his shot is still on the Malaysian defender’s block.

While Malaysia get a golden opportunity in the 28th minute. Football corner from Safawi that directly leads right into the mouth of the goal of Indonesia. Lucky, Satria Tama is still able to dispel that kick.

Back attack Malaysia endanger Indonesia defense one minute later. Jafri Firdaus shot shots from close range is still pushed over Satria.

After that the pressure of Indonesia again threaten Malaysia’s defense. Peuang obtained Septian David, Febri Hariyadi, and Ezra Walian, but has not been able to break the Malaysian goalkeeper. Until the first half ended, no one goal was created. Indonesia cons Malaysia still 0-0.

In the second half, the tension of the high direct match of the two teams in reciprocal attack. Indonesia presses first through Evan. Horizontal shot from a considerable distance damped Malaysian goalkeeper.

While Malaysia gets a chance through Safawi. Free kick is still able to be caught by Satria Tama.

The match is getting more exciting when entering midway through the second half. Indonesia again get a chance through Evan Dimas. Unfortunately his shot was off the mark.

Gilran Ezra is suppressing. Ezra who had escaped from the convoy managed to control the ball towards goal but he lost the moment.

Unfortunately Indonesia a little off guard in the 86th minute. Thanabalan Nadarajah punished Indonesia’s defense line. Utilizing a corner kick from Safri, this Malaysian bomber managed to break into Satria Tama through his header.

In the rest of the match Indonesia difficulties, Luis Milla’s team failed to advance to the final after 1-0 from host Malaysia.

The composition of Malaysia vs Indonesia players

Malaysia: M Haziq (GK), Matthew Thomas Davies, M Adib (C), Adam Nor, M Syazwan, M, Irfan, M Noor Azam (M Jafri 26 ‘), M Syamer, M Syafawi, Kumaahran, Thanabalan.

Indonesia: Satria Tama (GK); Putu Gede Juni Antara, Andy Setyo Nugroho, Rezaldi Hehanusa, Ricky Fajrin Saputra, Evan Dimas Darmono (C), Febri Hariyadi, Jabes Roni Malaifani, Septian David Maulana (Saddil Ramdani 59 ‘), Ezra Walian (Osvaldo Haay 70).

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