Hughton Please Sidwell Nothing Old

Hughton Please Sidwell Nothing Old

Brighton & Hove Albion tactician, Chris Hughton hopes Steve Sidwell will not step aside long.

Until the third week of the former England League the Chelsea player has not grazed for The Seagulls because of a back injury that has been going on for quite a while and is currently undergoing surgery.

However, Hughton hope the recovery process is not so long, the article the coach needs the services of 34-year-old players to arungi Premier League competition this summer which is really tight since the opening match.

“This is a small and successful procedure,” Chris Hughton told the club’s official website.

“In terms of recovery, obviously it takes time.

“But we do not expect Steve to be out for a long time.”

Meanwhile, Steve is one of the players who helped Brighton promotion this summer.

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