Widodo: Kindness So Key to Success Bali United

Widodo: Kindness So Key to Success Bali United

Bali United’s landslide victory became very sweet because at the same time breaking the record never win over Arema FC.

In a match that was held at the Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar, Sunday (10/08/2017), Bali United able to bend Arema FC with a landslide score 6-1.

Reported by BolaSport.com from the official website of Liga Indonesia, the coach of Bali United, Widodo Cahyono Putro, did not expect foster children can win over the team Singo Edan.

“Nobody thought we could win against Arema FC, we started the game tense,” he said.

Widodo also revealed the key to the success of his team who are able to bend Arema FC with a convincing score.

“The Balinese family is key to our strength, and anyone who has a chance to score goals will support us together,” he said.

This Cilacap coach gives an example when Sylvano Comvalius who actually have a chance to kick the ball instead instead of feeding Miftahul Hamdi who was in an unattended position.

Widodo admitted satisfied with the performance of foster children. He also felt happy with the process of creating goals.

“Our goals come from a process, including two goals from the white point, and we continue to sharpen every practice,” he said.

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