Bravo Ready To Retire From Chile

Bravo Ready To Retire From Chile

Goalkeeper from Chilean national team Claudio Bravo hinted at his intention to retire from the squad of The Red Devils

Chile lost 3-0 to Brazil, in the last match of the COMMEBOL zone. The result makes them stranded in sixth place standings, and missed the opportunity to get into the play-offs.

Bravo himself seemed disappointed with the failure, ready to re-think about his future in the national team.

“I will need some time to think,” the Manchester City goalkeeper told reporters.

“The next four years, it seems to be able to make me very tired. Everything I will decide in a calm state. Before making a decision, I’ll talk to the people I think are important. ”

“Whether or not I am here, we must still be able to walk on the same path. The players who always get the starter position, have the task to bring this team flying as high as possible. “

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