Rodriguez Wants Champions League and Serie A Wins

Rodriguez Wants Champions League and Serie A Wins

AC Milan defender Ricardo Rodriguez has the dream of winning the Champions League competition, and he also admits if Italian football is not as easy as he imagines.

Rodriguez is one of several players who brought the Rossoneri. Despite the fact Vincenzo Montella’s squad started the season slowly, the former left-back Wolfsburg still set a high standard.

“Football is very important to me, it’s like a combination of passion and love, and it’s very important to be able to move on.”

“My dreams? obviously I want to win the Champions League competition. Sometimes I think about how beautiful it can be to reach the cup. ”

“I’m also dreaming of winning the World Cup. I know it’s not an easy thing, but never say no. ”

He has been in the squad for the Swiss national team since 2011. Rodriguez then went on to talk about Serie A.

“Football Serie A That’s very difficult. There are many organized and compact teams in Italy, very different from the Bundesliga. ”

“However, I held the most difficult training in Germany. Arriving at Wolfsburg, I met Magath, who is in a very tough coach, and works very hard. “

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