Zidane denies presumption of Madrid in crisis

Zidane denies presumption of Madrid in crisis

Zinedine Zidane rejected the notion that Real Madrid were in a crisis despite admitting there was something wrong with the team he coached Kaisarsbobet.com.

The reason, Madrid was in a bad period, after swallowing two successive defeats after previously had to swallow a 1-2 defeat over Girona La Liga campaign this season.

“We are not in crisis. It felt like we did not lose. Maybe we are less calm when in front of the opponent’s goal. When you get two chances, you should be able to score two goals. today we did not create chances and did not score goals, “Zidane told local media.

“I am sure we will be able to change this situation. We lost today, but the season is still long. We congratulate our opponents, and we will learn from this match. We are all very disappointed. “

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