Martinez: I Have No Problem With Kompany

Martinez: I Have No Problem With Kompany

Belgian coach Roberto Martinez insists he has no problems with the captain Vincent Kompany.

Recently it has been rumored that Martinez does not currently include Kompany’s name into two World Cup 2018 qualifying matches.

Kompany has not been registered to help his club Manchester City since having injured his calves since 31 August.

But behind it all, Martinez had a plan to play Kompany in Group H match against Bosnia Herzegovina.

However, Martinez dismissed his intentions, it was because he wanted Kompany to remain at The Citizen, to recover his injury.

Martinez said “I do not play Kompany, it does not mean I have a problem with it.”

“I have no problem with Kompany. There’s a reason why I did not play in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers. ”

“Kompany is currently in the recovery phase of the injury. For that I suggest he stay in City. ”

“And of course I want Kompany to recover faster than medical estimates.”

Man United Win, Mourinho Call CSKA Surprised by Action Lukaku et al

Man United Win, Mourinho Call CSKA Surprised by Action Lukaku et al

Manchester United successfully continue the positive trend in the Champions League 2017-2018 after the matchday 2 Group A successful 4-1 victory over CSKA Moscow at the VEB Arena Stadium on Wednesday (27/09/2017) or Thursday morning GMT Agen Bola Sbobet.

Manchester United got the victory thanks to goals from Romelu Lukaku (4th and 27th minutes’), Anthony Martial (18 ‘) penalty, and Henrikh Mkhitaryan (57’).

Four goals Man United was only able to reply once by CSKA Moskva through Konstantin Kuchaev in the 90th minute.

Before the game, manager Jose Mourinho had said that he was very anticipating CSKA great appearances in the first game of Group A when defeating Benfica 2-1 at Da Luz Stadium.

However, the great performance of CSKA did not appear and Mourinho also confessed that he knew what caused it.

“We started the game very well, I think how we play and turn the game has made CSKA surprised,” said Mourinho as reported by from UEFA’s official website.

“CSKA games do not look as good as they should be and what makes them look like that is because of how we play,” he said.

These results make Man United perched on top of Group A with a notch six points, three ahead of FC Basel and CSKA.

Next, Man United will travel to Da Luz Stadium facing the bottom of the table, Benfica, on Wednesday (18/10/2017).

“We still have four more matches in the group phase, but we have started everything well and we are almost making sure the tickets qualify for the next round,” Mourinho said.

Wenger: Champions League No Longer Interesting

Wenger: Champions League No Longer Interesting

Absent from the Champions League for the first time in 20 seasons, Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger believes the competition is no longer as exciting as ever.

“Especially in the group phase, maybe there are only 1-2 matches worth watching,” said Wenger, told Telegraph.

“The Champions League group turns into a routine, and the audience is losing interest, just look at the numbers.”

Arsenal only ranked fifth in the Premier League last season so it only won Europa League tickets. The Gunners are joined in Group H with FC Koln, BATE Borisov and Red Star Belgrade.

“Of course I still choose the Champions League, but, after melakoni almost 200 games tournament that, I remain grateful,” said Wenger.

Arsenal’s best achievement in the Champions League occurred in 2005/2006. North London club was stepped up to the final and had a lead over Barcelona. Unfortunately they failed to maintain the advantage and gave up 1-2.

Boban: Milan Has No Star Players

Boban: Milan Has No Star Players

Zvonimir Boban has the thought that AC Milan has brought in a lot of good players, but there is no star among them, making it difficult to win with so many new players.

The Rossoneri completely overhauled their squad over the summer, thanks to investment from China’s new owner Yonghong Li.

“The favorites for the Scudetto are still Juventus,” Diavolo legend Boban told the media.

“Milan actually have a lot of talented players, but unfortunately there is no superstar figure there.”

“It’s certainly not an easy thing to win with so many new players, but I hope I’m wrong.”

“Milan is the best team I’ve ever played, when there were three Dutchmen, Ruud Gullit, Frank Rijkaard and Marco Van Basten.”

“Then there are the best Italian stars in that era like Franco Baresi and Paolo Maldini.”

The famous Boban after kicking a policeman during Dinamo Zagreb vs Red Star Belgrade, with unrest in the stands proved to be one of the triggers of the Yugoslav civil war.

New Costumed AC Milan, This Defender Has Injured 6 Months

New Costumed AC Milan, This Defender Has Injured 6 Months

The new AC Milan player, Andrea Conti, has to accept a six-month absence. In fact, the new Conti joined the Rossoneri last summer after being bought from Atalanta Agen Judi.

Conti injured Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) on his left knee. Players who operate as a right-back have to pull over for long.

Previously, it was known that Conti had just recovered from an angkel injury. Has not really healed, now Conti even suffered a more severe injury.

“Andrea Conti underwent clinical trials and instruments today, an examination showing a torn wound on his left knee ACL.The Rossoneri’s fullback will undergo ligament reconstruction surgery on Saturday, the operation will be a team of Prof Schonhuber.Conti’s recovery time is estimated to be six months,” the statement issued by AC Milan.

Friday (09/15/2017), Conti followed the training and that’s when he suffered an injury that must be checked. ACL injuries need recovered time that is not for a while because the club is usually reluctant to immediately lower the player because of the risk of relapse.

AC Milan bring 11 new players in the transfer market this summer. Conti became one of the players who landed at the San Siro. He was brought in to raise the competition with Ignazio Abate.

Romelu Lukaku Ready to Smash the Basel Goal

Romelu Lukaku Ready to Smash the Basel Goal

Manchester United bomber, Romelu Lukaku, confirmed ready to break down the opponent’s goal, FC Basel.

The Belgian striker is in ambition to help the Red Devil achieve success.

In addition, Lukaku claimed to need support from other teammates to be able to beat Basel easily.

Lukaku says “Our next opponent is Basel. Of course they are difficult opponents. ”

“However, although difficult, I am ready to break down their goal. At least two or three goals. ”

“I am now in the best condition. I will not let Basel easily attack United. ”

“And of course I need cooperation from other teammates.”

Hughton Please Sidwell Nothing Old

Hughton Please Sidwell Nothing Old

Brighton & Hove Albion tactician, Chris Hughton hopes Steve Sidwell will not step aside long.

Until the third week of the former England League the Chelsea player has not grazed for The Seagulls because of a back injury that has been going on for quite a while and is currently undergoing surgery.

However, Hughton hope the recovery process is not so long, the article the coach needs the services of 34-year-old players to arungi Premier League competition this summer which is really tight since the opening match.

“This is a small and successful procedure,” Chris Hughton told the club’s official website.

“In terms of recovery, obviously it takes time.

“But we do not expect Steve to be out for a long time.”

Meanwhile, Steve is one of the players who helped Brighton promotion this summer.

Indonesia conquers Myanmar in the AFF Cup U-18 Prime Game

Indonesia conquers Myanmar in the AFF Cup U-18 Prime Game

U-19 Indonesia national team managed to conquer host Myanmar with a score of 2-1 in the first match of allowance for Group B AFF U-18 Cup at Thuwuna Stadium on Tuesday (09/09/2017) at 18.30 WIB Bandar Bola.

Left behind the first goal scored by Myat Kaung Khant in the 28th minute, Indonesia turned ahead through two goals Egy Maulana Vikri in minute 71 and (90 + 3).

At the start of the match, both teams try to dominate possession and attack.

Garuda Nusantara, nicknamed U-19 national team Indonesia, got the first chance through a free kick.

However, the execution of the player trained by Indra Sjafri is still hit the opponent’s defense fence.

The hosts got their first kick on target via Myat Kaung Khant which can still be anticipated by goalkeeper M Riyandi.

After that, Myat Kaung Khant managed to record his name on the scoreboard after breaking into Indonesia goal in the 28th minute.

Starting from horizontal bait Pyae Sonme Naing on the right side of the Indonesian defense, the ball then leads to the middle of which greeted Myat Kaung Khant. He managed to menceploskan ball into goalkeeper M Riyandi. Myanmar also winning 1-0.

Disadvantaged, Garuda Nusantara tried to equalize. Saddil Ramdani bait into the opponent’s penalty box and successfully accepted by Hanis Saghara.

However, kicking Hanis Saghara still bounced over Myanmar’s goalkeeper.

Score 1-0 to the advantage of the host lasted until the first half was over.

In the second half, Garuda Nusantara appear to dominate with more attacks.

Opportunities first obtained through Egy Maulana Vikri, but his efforts still have not led the opponent’s goal.

Myanmar put pressure through shots via Win Naing. Luckily, Riyandi can still anticipate the direction of the ball.

Wan Naing again threatened the Garuda Nusantara goal. His head still deviated thin on the right side of goalkeeper Riyandi.

In the 66th minute, Egy got a golden opportunity. Unfortunately, his kick from close range can still be pushed over by the Myanmar goalkeeper.

Indra Sjafri forces struggle finally paid off in the 71st minute.

Starting from Marasabessy kick that troubles the opponent goalkeeper and had time to hit the goalposts, the ball rebound successfully used Egy Maulana Vikri through a header.

Scores were back just as strong, 1-1.

Successfully equalized, Egy et al continued to press the host defense.

Hanis Saghara welcomed the crossing of his team mate through an acrobatic kick, but the ball did not lead to the goal.

Luthfi tried to kick from outside the penalty box, but his efforts are still soaring above Myanmar’s goal.

In extra time, Indonesia finally turned back through the cutting Egy Maulana Vikri. Egy kick off the left foot that breaks into the opponent’s goal.

Indonesia also turned 2-1 ahead and lasted until the game ended.

Persib Not Concerned The Presence of Emral Abus

Persib Not Concerned The Presence of Emral Abus

Although not yet officially unveiled, the management of Persib Bandung has been demanding Emral Abus as the new coach for the Maung Bandung squad for the rest of the League 1 competition.

Most likely the coach began to win against Persib bobotoh pride team that travel to the headquarters of Sriwijaya FC, Monday (4/9/2017) future.

Caretaker coach Persib Bandung, Herrie Setyawan said the arrival of new coach does not make kondusifitas Hariono Cs disturbed. Persib is believed to remain conducive and is believed to keep a positive trend in recent matches.

Some parties had worried about the presence of new people in the camp Persib. It is feared, the new coach can actually disrupt the appearance of Persib is climbing.

“It is not influential (negative) because it is for the team too, Mr. Emral only accompany and the program remains the same all staff involved, the condition of the team stay awake,” he said.

In addition, Emral Abus is not a foreign figure for Persib. He could be a companion Persib Bandung when the champion ISL 2014 was mentas in the arena of AFC 2015.

“Mr. Emral is also not a new person because all Persib players already know, so there is nothing to worry about,” he said.

Clean Sheet in 3 Laga, Persib Tuai Kudos

Clean Sheet in 3 Laga, Persib Tuai Kudos

Yaya Sunarya is very happy to see Persib always clean sheet appearance in the last three matches. He considered the achievement was not a hard work one or two players only.

Persib unbeaten in the last four games. They also did not conceded each against Arema, Gresik United, and Persipura Jayapura.

But that result has not made Persib rise to the top of the standings. They are still stuck in the ninth position with a collection of 29 points.

“Appreciation is not just for Deden (M Natshir), but all Persib players because when the rehearsals persist we want to be one family, when our family is attacked all help and when the attack all come support,” said Yaya, Tuesday (29/8 / 2017).

Even so, Yaya said some things are still a material evaluation and should be upgraded to support the game skuat Maung Bandung.

“We are also less calm when the transition from negative to positive and the organization should be more focused, but overall I appreciate the struggle of children,” he said.

After fighting against Roma, the Persib players get a day off for one day and re-assembled Thursday (31/08/2017). They will face Sriwijaya FC at Jakabaring Stadium, Palembang, Monday (4/9/2017) future.